Les Filieres Brussin

New drawing dies

Filière Brussin en gros plan

We designed and make brand new drawing dies from 0.02mm to 30 mm of diameter to:

  • The drawing
  • The cabling and compacting
  • The stranding
  • The enameling
  • The Multi-wire machines

Rigourus choice of raw material for a quality drawing

Natural diamond

Formed deep in the earth, diamond is the hardest material known to date.

Its monocrytalline structure enables an excellent wire surface roughness.

Diamond is rigourusly chosen for its quality and purity.

Polycristalline diamond 

First synthesised in the 1970’s it is produced by the agglomeration of randmly oriented diamond and under high temperature and pressure.

This PCD dies is available in grain sizes from 1 µm up to 50µm.

It has a longer life expectancy (lack of cleavage plane) and it allows a better productivity and reduction of costs.

It exists in two categories :


and thermally stable up to 1000°.it is non-conductive and free of metal  catalyst.

Supported by tungsten carbide 

Thermally stable up to 700° it is conductive and contains a metal catalyst such as cobalt.


Obtained by chimical reaction at very high temperature and pressure (1100° and 5Gpa)

By excrescence from an original cristal, it is oriented in the crystallographic plane