Les Filieres Brussin

Reprofiled drawing dies

We repair and we reprofil your drawing dies

We bring the same attention and rigor as in the repair process than in the making of brand new drawing dies.

A personalized diagnosis

We make personalized diagnoses and can provide measurement reports of drawing dies analysed.

Repolishing and resizing made individually or in batches.

Resizing of drawing dies

When the wear ring  is above the Bearing and is pronounced, the die must change in diameter: this is called full reprofiling.

réalésage d'une filière

Repolishing of Dies

When the wear ring is on the working cone and the wear is slight, the bearing is not affected :

we can therefore keep the diameter of the die.

repolissage d'une filière
réalésage d'une filière
repolissage d'une filière